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sewage from 5 to 15 grains were necessary. One gallon of liquid perchlo-
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cautiously with gradual increase in dosage until optimum response is achieved
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AGEMENT OF OVERDOSE The signs and symptoms of overdose are
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drugs. A series of examinations was commenced by the analysts, the re-
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is known as " date fever." In other parts of the world it has been attributed
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deaths of invalids the mortality was only (!. 100. The men were all under thirty years
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man’s assertion that “the state hospitals should not be a
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undertaking can appreciate the time and energy required
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At times the fatigue undergone by trained men has been something
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Diplomate American Boards of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology
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1 5th Annual Kenneth C. Haltalin Pediatrics Seminar. Dallas. Fee
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calculated on this number. At the end of the year a certain number of sick remaining
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stipation; bloated feeling; severe allergic reaction or drug
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haversack, water-bottle, and provisions. The forage cap with waterproof
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of open doors and windows, we can obtain at any moment any amount of
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which the French suspend from the shoulders, a plan better adapted for
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It will be obvious that the larger the value of /x, the less will be the value of
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ment, when undiluted, are poisonous or deadly, sewage diluted a hundred
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Dennis F. Pupello, MD. and Edward Spoto Jr., M.D 1044
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on the facility of administration. When the hospitals consist of a single
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cants with the medical school setting so that they will be
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Rose NR, Friedman H (eds): Manual of Clinical Immunol-
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1979 Annual Meeting Scientific Program — The Board
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less soldering of the cover, by which the liquids in the can act upon the
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at the soldiers' ages. Dysentery and diarrhoea are common.
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ond subset of patients, as defined by Beall and Collins, in-
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aches, etc., are based on the innervation of the muscles
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Education, D23-3, University of Miami School of Medicine, P.O.
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room, may do some good. Even the deodorization alone will be an advan-
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physical injury, sexual molestation, emotional abuse,
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criteria for ER positivity in these two groups took into
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of the Vice Chairman, Joseph C. Von Thron, M.D., Cocoa Beach. I