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Family doctors are settling in smaller communities.
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at any level, to sponsor or support federal legislation to further
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University of Florida College of Medicine; and on charitable works of
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mate bacterial susceptibility to Bactrim. A laboratory report of
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forty years, referring chiefly to the health of one presidency or of regiments or forces
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* Many of the 1 977 (N - 30) and all of the 1 978 (N = 20) participants are still in college, and long-term follow-up data on their medical school acceptance are not yet
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1875 it was only 14.67. There is among these troops a large mortality
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Rydelnik, Division of Continuing Education, UTHSC at Dallas, 5323
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Lebon. 7 At the same time, he points out that there is little or no parallel-
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coronary artery disease in a meaningful way. It was at
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to the size of the drain. The flow through a sewer should in no case be
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surgeons and cardiologists have saturated the medical
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the changed rules. Unfortunately, we haven’t been part
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differ according to their individual experiences as to their liability to be-
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trips to the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands, seeing the
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A. Cedars of Lebanon Health Care Center in Miami was
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management of such patients, the perioperative mortali-
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against his will. The facilities of the hospital were available to
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medicine. Controlled or assisted respiration is common-
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Calif., and Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA School
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3. Catarrhs, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, rheumatism, dysentery (?),
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three, or even ten times with the same disease ; each admission counts as
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ing, often cause the men to be without food for so many hours as to
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In a Georgia case, a public hospital arranged for three physi-
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biliary tract disorders and jaundice. Especially important is
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pressure producing an anti-reflux valve-like mechanism.
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At the meeting of the Legislature next following the passage of the act,
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this reason it has been thought best to supplement the theoretical part of
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is small, we can have no confidence that the same proportion will be
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determine absolutely the amount and quality of the organic matter which
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