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face of carcinoma of the cervix. This most certainly

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the air is not too low, not only organic matters but gases are given out,

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we do not know sufficiently the physiological conditions of the body under

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As it is of no use, and indeed injurious, by bringing men under the thral-

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If the food and water were bad, the air was not less so. Sir Alex-

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13, Americana Hotel, Miami Beach. For information: Dept, of

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Vasodilan can bea valuableadjunct in planninga total therapeutic program for

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In order to ascertain the amount of risk incurred by lack of air in the

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practice of medicine. Thus, all physicians will be expected to meet the

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susceptible organisms requiring appropriate therapy

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disease. Cardiac catheterization (Figs. 2a & 2b) showed

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tion, tremor, delirium tremens and hallucinosis due to acute alco-

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College of American Pathologists, San Diego, March 13-19, 1981

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The special and distinctive phenomena of each disease are usually at-

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Considering Logo-Psychosomatic Medicine (Whole Person

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tion has long been a part of the practice of medicine.

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concepts forged in the blood and sweat, hopes and fears

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tions: Glossitis, stomatitis, nausea, emesis, abdominal pains,

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Opinion 78-7 — In the opinion of the Judicial Council it would be

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The mean altitude of the barometer in San Francisco for 1880 was

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20-dione) and 50 ul of 5nM J H-R-5020 (Sp. act. = 87 Ci/mmole) were used as the unlabelled and

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19. : Editorial: Medical Men and Medical Events in British East Florida,

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ESSENTIAL LABORATORY TESTS Some patients have developed leukopenia, some haveti j

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Jute. — Jute is now very largely used, and appears to enter into the

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RESOLVED, To encourage the use of the tuberculin skin test as a

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be made. The standard universally adopted in medical statistics is to

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