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Rose NR, Friedman H (eds): Manual of Clinical Immunol-

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Kraus, Providence Hospital, 1 1 50 Varnun St NE, Washington, DC

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Skelly and White, Inc. 192 Pages (plus packet). Genetal Mills, Inc.,

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proof ; (2) if the spirit be 18.9 under proof, this means that 100 gallons

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and has been associated with cardiac irregularities

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gain is not a great one if the ordinary leeching cesspool is the receptacle

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degree of uncertainty is then the mean variation between the successive

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inch, it will be seen that its twenty-five divisions only equal twenty-four

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the positions of the various fixtures, the arrangement of the pipes and their

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Report of Two Fatal Complications, Chest 66:216, 1974.

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GARTH L. NICOLSON, PhD, has been appointed to a new

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commissioned officers should be looked on in the light of the overlookers

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The wood gets impregnated with effluvia, and even sometimes the bilge is

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year, numerous suggestions and matters relating to the procedural

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Almost five years passed then rectal bleeding again

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No prophylactic medicine is known ; quinine is quite useless.

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possible additive effects caused by taking antihistamines with alcohol, hypnotics,

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have concluded that childbirth is not a disease or disorder

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a drain ; the intention being, in both cases, to make the fecal matter drier,

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that it has been shown to be effective only in the treatment of

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Assistant Director, Division of Nephrology, University of

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dissection, vessel thrombosis and limb loss. For similar

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of factors such as age, weight, perfusion time, number of

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The action of the Board of Health in instituting proceedings against

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