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Vermont ; 15, an investigation as to the influence of various soils upon

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Cry Babel, The Nightmare of Aphasia and a Courageous

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larity in climatic conditions, the diseases are very different.

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exposure, a cause and effect relationship has not yet been

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served in the US Army during World War II and then returned

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the county medical society will serve notice, by Certified

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gists, 21 00 W Harrison, Chicago, IL 6061 2 31 2/738-1336

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reporting. Individual physicians are another matter. Some

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3. Accidents give the next greatest number ; mean (1870-1880) 107 ;

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activities and will continue to closely monitor all those activities that

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television public service announcements continue to enjoy sustained

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alosporin antibiotic intended for oral administration. It is a white to yellowish-

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It is significant that most historical writing on infant

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regarded as highly salubrious, although the inclination of the strata may

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In the past, the radiologist's contribution to the diagnosis and

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of strength is the average. The chief diseases are general debility, rheu-

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invited to meetings of the Board of Governors and any special or

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Among the diseases in the returns, the largest item is malarious fever ;

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