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Committee on Nutrition with the Florida Society of Clinical Oncology

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electrometer). For further details, see Scott's "Instructions," op. cit.

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Aaron S. Estrera, MD; Melvin R, Platt, MD; and Lawrence J Mills, MD, Division

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case proceed as follows : — 2. Put a wineglassful of the liquid to be tested

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Britain, Leamington, 1877 ; Nature, No. 414, October 4, 1877, p. 480). Admitting that

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the text may be used without permission, but should be quoted

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King, J.C. and Starkman, N.M.: Evaluation of an antispasmodic.

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rehospitalization of former state mental institution patients and for improving the quality of their lives in

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(Not Adopted — Referred to the Board of Governors)

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central ulceration with surrounding erythema. A proximal

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shortly summed up : Adopt isolation " of patients ; use the freest ventila-