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overall therapeutic usefulness. As you know a problem almost always

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pulmonary bypass is instituted, was also suggested.

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7. Louis, P. and Pickering, G.W.: Observations Upon Maladies in Which the Blood Supply to

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not be less than 72 square inches to each bed ; and the area of the open-

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Committee on School Health that there exists a major problem in the

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cuss therapy if they intend to or do become pregnant.

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have been reported occasionally, making periodic blood

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to a point a few feet above the surface, where it may be protected by a

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Whenever you cover the medical beat, some people and

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contagia, but the experiments prove that some of them must be. In many kinds of

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paragingly of it, more so, indeed, than seems warranted by all the evidence. On the

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in the magnitude of 12% percent. The improvement from

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this, and with good commanding officers, the discipline of some regiments

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Instructions for Parents by Matthew M. Cohen, M.D. 232

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Conference of State Legislators, an organization in

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when caring for obstetrical patients. Additionally, nurses may

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patterns among graduates of a family practice residency

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has been effectual ; ' in the West Indies one mile. Grant thinks that salt

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For the past 20 years, the Florida Medical Association has sponsored the Income Protection

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tion of surgical embolectomy in the first subset of patients. In

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a malpractice case and had the benefit of an excellent

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this time last year. There are eighty-two loans in a repayment status

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that if builders would be more careful to make a good bed, and to con-

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tour of the surface, i.e., the trenching must follow lines which have a sur-

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references at the bottom of each page makes for less

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For a rattlesnake bite, make a poultice of raw onion and apply as soon as possible. Give patient four to

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not be exceeded in an attempt to increase the effect , rather, the drug

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used. These included medications and plant products

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ical theory and also opened up other avenues of treatment of

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caucuses and were enthusiastic in their support and assistance in the

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and drainage in all buildings to be erected subsequent to the first day of

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Composition: Vasodilan tablets, isoxsuprme HCI, 10 mg. and 20 mg

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temperature of the air, are required. Two barometers and two thermo-

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most important climatic indications ; the difference between them on the

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Dr. Papper is Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean,

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3. Two conical tents are also used, like the English bell tent; one

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The above mean mortality includes every loss ; in some years it was, of

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with potential for causing these reactions. Zyloprim*

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7 Dietrich, E B , Samorano, C and Koopot, R, Simultaneous Correction of Coronary and

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“The correlation of spasm relief and drug given was excellent. ”

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The guard-room is ventilated like the other rooms, with Sheringham valves,