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action in the bodies of men who die from what are considered other diseases.

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At this point, when faced with the above symptom com-

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branches, making an off-hand sketch as he goes from floor to floor, showing

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Sanford A. Mullen, M.D., Jacksonville, Speaker of the House

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any of the others. The drinking water is bad ; all barrack and sewage

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monitored by a radial line and the rate of pressure rise

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Retinal Syndrome. New York, Grune & Stratton, 1980.

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physical examination form that could be utilized as both a preschool

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Childhood Cancer — The Board reviewed the project at the

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is low, there is no difficulty in cooling the air to almost any extent. If

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represents a small portion of the patient population with

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young men trained in the various centers throughout the

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of health. Too much cannot be said against their use under any circum-

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(a) Number constantly sick, grouped according to sex, age, occu-

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not be done, remove a little of the surface earth every now and then, and

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not seem to be very great, since it can never be detected in our dwellings,

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stimulants. We specialize in acute care and long-term

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Don CeSar Hotel, St. Petersburg. For information: Ronald

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metastases. Preoperative radiation has not received wide

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3. Official documents, the most important of which are contained in the Indian

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Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription.

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cost. Not only has the cost per resident increased dramat-

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ments and the necessity of cover in modern war are compatible with the

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which are concomitants of emotional factors; psychoneurotic

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despair. The patient’s emotional hunger is insatiable and ex-

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News items should be sent to the Editorial Offices, 1 905 North

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inch ; or roughly, for small drains 1 inch per yard.

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over a six-week period beginning February 15, 1978, I