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This aids greatly the venous circulation of the body, but at
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cially wished to endorse all that had been said by Mr.
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Graves' disease does not occur to the physician because of the absence
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Dr. Arthur Giles read a paper on this subject. " Long-
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employed on the new Dore and Chinley line, had forwarded a
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reported of such power of infecting being kept for three years by a
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his profession, and in recent years he had taken hardly any
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< )/ii|rjni( among rats, producing veritable buboes in them, espJecially
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drainage has been found so efficient a protection against the
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by the students of that institution, was held on Tuesday
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where a National Exhibition will also be held next year.
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Chronic pancreatitis occurs, however, in two forms, one of which
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In the next form the disease slowly progresses upward until the
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substantially the same, and it underwent very little variation
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have ensured " the maintenance in Great Britain and Ireland
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S3rmptoms. — The prodromal symptoms are much alike in dog and
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tion for the holding of inquests, as soon as possible the Council will
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value of large doses of Turpentine in an apparently hopeless
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indefinite time to articles of clothing, particularly if they are folded
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Dr. Hkron, replying to the objections urged against his
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nitrite taken is oxydised into nitrate. Ecihmann ' recovered
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about symptoms indistinguishable from those found in the victims of
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All intimations regarding exhibits must be sent in before
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with great destruction of tissue, to the contiguous parts, rendering
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normal cells, and the gamma-ray of radium appears capable of destroy-
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but wliich was. I believe, an extraction without iridectomy,
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taken in cases of insensibility not to blister the parts, which may occur
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drawn from a certain disused well. This water contained lO.noo bacteria
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tioner having seen the bodies •'—I can quite believe that, but
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cut along these lines, giving three pieces, / and the two lateral pieces,
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cheek and the teeth, and in drinking some of the fluid may run out