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The mortality among officers of 30 to 35 years of age was, therefore,
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months. The infant becomes increasingly involved with the
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missioners (Dr. Sutherland and Captain Galton) subsequently published the Report on
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the supervision and control of licensed physicians so
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civil male population of the same class. It is, therefore, unlikely that an
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can lead to but one reply, viz. : That the development of a system of pub-
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diarrhea (in approximately 1 out ot 20 patients treated), nausea and vomiting
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drugs such as phenothiazines, narcotics, barbiturates, MAO in-
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relative benefit /risk should be considered before treating these children. Vermox is
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some of the questions you raised which were as follows:
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recovery was uncomplicated and at follow-up one year
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Michael P Tristan, MD, Faculty Director of Baylor Work and Study Program
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hand, for others a change to a warm climate has appeared to accomplish all
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dictates further treatment while the author bases his approach solely on the clinicopathologic behavior
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minimum density of genuine milk ; and the New York City Board of
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as heroin and marijuana for the reduction of pain and discomfort
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John H. Laragh, MD (New York); Frank A. Finnerty, Jr., MD (Washington, D.C.); Ray W. Gifford, Jr., MD
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the total C0 2 was 1.053 volume per 1,000; in another, with 1,000 cubic
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The Library ranks as one of the finest in the nation.
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connection with the determination of nitrates and nitrites) " a very obvious
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medicine of which they are capable. I believe that almost
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indications for its use. Pending further investiga-
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of a rate programmable pulse generator allows the non-
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esophageal damage through weight reduction, elimina-
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