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insomnia, and emotional disturbances, and frequently exaggerated by the
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solution of mastic blown into water. A 10 per cent, solution of mastic is
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rather by virtue of their power of lowering surface energy between the
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Fever, except in advanced cases of systemic involvement, is not
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there is complete irregularity and the hour of maximum elimination
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and hydronephrosis follow ; by pressure upwards through the diaphragm,
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Leiter, A. Observations on the relation of urea to uraemia. [B.] Arch.
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glycaemia. In two of these cases laevulose also produced a rise in the blood-
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has resumed its former condition. These attacks recur irregularly, there
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she was taken sick with pneumonia, had chill, pain in chest, hemoptysis,
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ditions in large pens, with free access to water and a food supply