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Daniel G. Knauf, M.D., FACS; Thomas F. Kelly Jr., M.D.; John H.
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The Professional Insurance Management Company (PIMCO)
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identify patients with troublesome idiosyncratic pharma-
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Sinai Medical Center, 1200 N.W. 10th Ave., Miami 33136.
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1 7. Shapiro ER: The psychodynamic and developmental psychology of the
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For information: Robert J. Thompson, M.D., 655 West 8th Street,
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request is a ruse to transfer schools for other than
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ture of the Upper and Lower Stations being added and divided by 2.
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easily appreciated by the masses than the need of sewers. But it is quite
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The extracting force which can be. used (by an air-pump worked by a
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Obviously such items of information have — to the medical profession in an
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a sigmoidal bend, whether the trapping water is not always withdrawn
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that of the easy or difficult destruction of these agents. It does not, how-
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made about that time, and proved most conclusively to the minds of the
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the remainder are received into middens. 1 The problem of disposal is as
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'Though clinical improvement has been shown, bacteriologic cures can-
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The influence of water plants and organisms as agents of purification is
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The funds appropriated by the last Legislature for enforcing the Adul-
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for their review and comment prior to adoption and publication.
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ter ; and offers less resistance to moving air than the Hussar cap.
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ileges were reported to be more readily available in small
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rod-lens optical system. The use of glass rods and lenses
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Parkes was informed at Vincennes that, though they did not take men un-
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Delinquent member and all other interested parties will
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twelve pulmonary embolectomies. JAMA 1 94 : 336, 1 965.
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Pediatric Intensive Care. UT Health Science Center at Dallas. Fee
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Education, Department of HRS, and a large number of homes for
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4. Holmes GE, Miller HC, Hassanein K, et al: Postnatal somatic growth in
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* Because Vermox has not been extensively studied in children under two years of age, the
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training in self-medication, has taught many of the least
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eftects when administered with such medications as barbiturates or alcohol
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insight into carrying this out. Some of the pioneers in
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American Board of Preventive Medicine, and is licensed
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almost five years, the Association finally had its first oppor-