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cardiology, dermatology, and other medical disciplines.

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at other times clayey, especially where felspar is abundant. The clay is

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would no longer exist. In India, Lord Strathnairn did most essential

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the water, which was impure from being drawn from calcareous strata, or

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Journal of the Florida Medical Association I find the

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be traced through its early efforts to establish residency

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much freedom from accidental breakage as could be insured, were essen-

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some account of the drinking-water, see paper by Dr. J. D. Fleming, in vols. xiv. and

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sickness and mortality among the European soldiers are actually less than

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ter must be so definite as to leave no doubt into which group an unit shall

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20 societies having been visited over the last three years. During these

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Asher Marks, M.D., Post Office Box 8127, Jacksonville 32211.

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Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Surgical Pathology,

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Minimum Thermometer in Shade. — The minimum thermometer must be so hung

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1. Adkins, F.C. and Blades, B.: A Stainless Steel Strut for the Correction of Pectus

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joined the School in 1969 as Professor of Medicine, is

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team. The author is able to demonstrate vividly how

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tive impunity, provided (a) it is not too long continued ; (6) that the dress

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"An examination of the well-water by Prof. Nichols, October 17th,

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half of these physicians entered practice in communities

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The Bunn of Cutch contains 7,000 square miles of such country.

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The high court ruled that this rule, as applied in the case

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services which may substitute for acute hospital care.”

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hypertension. Four of the 17 patients with distal dissection (23%), who were initially treated with drugs,

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with double walls of brick, painted to exclude dampness. A hall, 8 feet

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draining ; filling up moist ground when practicable ; paving or covering

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MacMahon's army, in its march to relieve Bazaine at Metz, could only

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cal and pharmacologic similarities to the amphetamines and other

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