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situations from which the liquids cannot escape, viz., within serous cavities

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^' That he had pupils from nearly all the States of this Union, as

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the patient, exhibits much improvement. The presence

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Measures addressed to the supposed causative condition of the blood

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abates the soreness in the lungs, improves the appetite, and impedes

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(ij Mills — The Nursing and Care of the Insane, .... "

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Two Bottles sent to any Physician who will pay Express charges.

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Tricuspid and pulmonic lesions, as already stated, are comparatively

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lactate of strontium ; that its action on the digestive

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ions in Great Britain and in this country are divided. Introduced by

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natural, and dry ; tongue moist, and covered with dark brown

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much of death and insanity, he voluntarily wrote an impressive

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Tonic remedies may often be advantageously conjoined with proper hygi-

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valve closed when the mitral current takes place, and, under these circum-

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ment of the bowels need not be employed for twent3'-four or even forty-

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phere, than after death from other diseases. The lungs, in some cases,

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continued, in moderate doses, for a long period without any unpleasant

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CAUTIOSr :— Be sure the Word " HORSFORD'S" is PRINTED on tlie latoel. All others are

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directions in which the pus is discharged are the following : Into the colon,

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as well as the morbid conditions common to a greater or less number of

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posture, but he is allowed to turn carefully from side to side, and at times

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an evening visit at the house of a friend. The hemorrhage was profuse,

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Bormal — ^her countenance placid, and her lips lees livid. She

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a blister to the nucha on the third day of the attack, in conse-

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found a most congenial companion, who shared with him the toils

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if ever, attacks two lobes simultaneously, but it invades, not infrequent^,

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for by it would be of importance to the community at large. They,

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general condition was one of extreme emaciation, her weight eighty-

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most acute inflammations. In the second stage, it is only indicated when

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and neuralgic complaints,, resulting from injuries of the wrist

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multifarious remedies, must, of necessity, be confused and uncertain.

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to physicians desiring to try our preparation, and who will pay express charges, we will

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pharynx ; the disease, in fact, extends from the latter situation into the

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in medicine. Last May the Editorial and Business Management was changed,

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feared to do before, lest the attack might be one of scarlet fever.

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in every three bottles are siphons^ containing same quantity of Kumysgein as the others.