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committee will be performed under general supervision

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sewer, and yet such underground conduits are indispensable.

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lead is aided by dissolved air, by nitrates and by chlorides in water, while

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of rock having the same color, smoothness, density, and power of absorbing

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If snow falls instead of rain, it must be melted and the resulting water

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patients 9 months to 16 years of age who were immunosup-

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numerous, and inferences drawn from them must be received with caution.

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Keep addiction-prone individuals under careful surveillance be-

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Weight of clothes on person, including helmet, winter trousers,

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with great advantages in India if there are means of disposal of the urine.

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Acute abdominal conditions: The administration of Empirin with Codeine or other narcotics may obscure the diagnosis or

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and dihydro-beta-ergocryptine in the proportion of 2:1) mesylate 0.333 mg. representing a total

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not be inoculated ; and it is well known Avith what difficulty cowpox is

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Batista secret police chiefs. He had a good mind and

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1979. Both meetings included joint sessions with representatives of the

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Fall of Drain Pipes. — 1 in 30 for 4-inch drains, and one in 40 for 6-

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in. For internal use, attach the plastic applicator and insert into the anus

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only 6.9 per 1,000. Of the 156 admissions, no less than 81 were from

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performed before the institution of cardiopulmonary