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The relationship between physicians and the media could

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Memorial Hospital and the Torbett Clinic which opened January, 1963. The original hospital was

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Scaff which in effect brings people from a state of

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fact that in four years, 1863-66, 74 men died from phthisis in the Bombay

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limes that recommended Abrupt cessation following prolonged high

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interviewed. The interrogators were Spanish speaking

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adopted for the army, possesses great facilities for carrying these articles,

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cannot now in these towns be superseded by any plan yet proposed. It

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sloping waste pipes, like those under wash-trays and bath-tubs, the accu-

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the others, except that attention to the composition of the cement by

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than that on their state license to practice. Will this

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a cei-tain point (14 per cent.), as much was absorbed into the blood as

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however, to actual aneurism, no corresponding analysis of cases has been

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French Tents. — In the French army two chief kinds of soldiers' tents

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The points to determine in respect of habitations are —

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not give a sufficient supply at all times of the year, that a fresh source

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Now what is the remedy for this ? A candid investigation of the case

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amount of niti'ogen as nitrates and nitrites in the sixty-six samples of deep

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differences of climate or duties. In the years 1869-74 the death-rate was

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mobilization that has been developed by Edmunson. 7

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fact of the comparative ease with which gases pass through red hot cast-

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may be said of all organs, with the exception perhaps of the brain. Not