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The bodies of those who have died of small-pox should be buried in
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lin, immense hospitals, with railways and every appliance, were fitted up.
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Ob-Gyn Pathology Course, Oct. 27-28, Royal Biscayne Beach Hotel
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ing area of 200,000 located 50 miles from Dallas. Salary guarantee
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the climate is as yet imperfect, but it appears to resemble that of Malta,
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rents, and may again acquire oxygen in sufficient quantity for the next
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State Board of Health Report for 1879," Supp., p. 273.
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" Michigan Health Board Report for 1880," to have a marked influence upon
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The sewers form thus in the subsoil of towns a vast network of tubes,
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Adverse Reactions: Cutaneous vasodilation with flushing. Headache is
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Every man, for example, who considers the subject bond fide, is the
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been supposed that it would be of advantage to keep the foot quite straight,
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8. Florida Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association
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Contact Sue Moreno, Office of Continuing Medical Education,
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McGuire, P.P. Carbone, and E. P. Vollmer, (eds.), New York, Raven Press, pp. 17-31,
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primarily thiazides. Sore throat, fever, pallor, purpura or jaundice
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Delegation that Resolution 62 be referred to the Board of Trustees with
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that the extreme cold in winter lessens or pi'events decomposition of ani-
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the person is sitting, and as a rule allows only g^th increase for walking.
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In arranging the lines, the axis of the buildings should be if possible
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northern half of our globe, this rule generally holds good, the tempera-
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For analysis of soil of Gold Coast, see Army Med. Reports, vol. xiv. , p. 264 ; and for
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1 foot. It would, therefore, seem certain that an amount of work equal
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unnecessary, for a well-made siphon pan rarely overflows. If it does, it is
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example, it is probable that if a person should buy butter at every grocery
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reinstituted, or dosage of the particular drug increased, or another drug subs;
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couver Island. In all cases, as one recedes from the coast the rainfall
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"Best Special Issue" category, The Journal was awarded
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sufficient change in either to account for the alteration, unless the abolition
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Ankle boots, weighing 40 to 42 ounces, are now worn by the infantry : the
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arrangements worked smoothly although I did not again
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6410 Fannin St.. Houston. Texas 77030; 713 797-0900
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rules were brought about because the fact of third party
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become dirty it can be cleaned safely and without changing the zero of the
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Department of Pathology-UTMSH, 6431 Fannin, Houston, TX
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“I would like to see the state provide catastrophic
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phrenia to a separate category of illness at a higher ego
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Resolution 78-19 Staff Personnel for HSA Monitoring was adopted by
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1863, has since then declined in frequency, though not in fatality per cent,
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cholera of 1865 and 1866 never attained any wide spread. In Munich, in