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mation: Dept, of Anesthesiology, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, 1200 N.W.

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a careful examination of the water supply was made by Surgeon-Major

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sanitarians frequently use the term impurities to designate only those sub-

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patients with normal left ventricular function also have

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late Colonel Sir Thomas Troubridge, C.B., who had been for many years

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can take heart in Dr Williamson’s explanation for becoming

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but there were many cases of pyaemia in some of these hospitals.

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slipped through Castro’s guards to go to Berlin a few

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patients with single, double, triple and left main disease

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traindicated in many patients, particularly those recently

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strength in a wonderful way ; no cooking is required, and ten minutes'

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under a recognized specialty heading, provided however that if a group

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applicant retention rate of 69% (ie, the percent of program

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NURSING MOTHERS. It is not known whether this drug is excreted

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he had to be in the mood. Usually he wrote in long hand,

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Cardiology at the Dark Continent, Feb. 1-2, Busch Gardens,

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neous ingestion of alcohol and other CNS depressants. With-

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components of residential and day-treatment programs

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tion period but also during anesthesia induction and

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extent a sanction of it ; it is really, however, a simple matter of precaution.

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Great dryness of the air appears to have a directly curative influence over

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and Irene Garrow of the Queens County, N.Y. Medical

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temperature of a source is high (70° Fahr. or more), the water is flat and

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as well as rural areas will continue to need the services of

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practice is faced with securing its academic future

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consents, during a lawful investigation, to render a

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cardinal function of the university is to be a center for

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People described and interpreted its manifestations in social rather than medical terms as the smothering

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1981 for family practice, ENT, ophthalmology, orthopedist, allergy,

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5. When appropriate and feasible, units in the hospital addressed to adolescent care should be established. In this

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accumulation of sodium ions within the cell. This reduces

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avocations, comes to us more or less directly from the clouds, as rain or