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Precautions: Tolerance to this drug and cross-tolerance to other nitrites and

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This subject is currently under study and efforts are being made by

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Investigational studies in the biomedical and behavioral

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This Substitute Resolution has in no way changed the 1966 AMA

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1875 it was only 14.67. There is among these troops a large mortality

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13. Gunderson J, Singer M: Defining borderline patients: an overview. Amer J

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41 . Westcott JL, Cole SR: Interstitial pulmonary emphysema in children

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bylaws, rules, and regulations for violating the medical staffs

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Sepoy Diet. — Dr. Goodwin has calculated the diet of a Hindu, such as

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Therefore, the common anomalies of the Klippel-Feil syn-

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Edition, by Joseph G. Chusid, M.D. 464 Pages. Illustrated. Price

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Renal: Albuminuria, increased excretion of renal tubular cells and red blood cells;

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contagia is minute ; some of them are not more than -5 o^-jnyth of an inch,