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apparent relation to birth weight, mortality, or ultimate prog-

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If at the end of the three-year cycle plus one make-

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naces consists in the power of transferring heat to any desired point.

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agency, perhaps electricity or magnetism, was productive of the evil. The

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of Occlusion of the Innominate, Common Carotid, and Subclavian Arteries: A 10-year

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Use in ambulatory patients: Empirin with Codeine may impair the mental and/or physical abilities required for the

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basis but that it be sent every three years. The Committee on CME had

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of a mean annual temperature of 70°, for example, being found nearer the

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1 See Mr. Bostock's able Report in the Army Medical Reports, vol. vii., p. 359.

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Gynecologic Oncology Seminar, Feb. 10 15, Royal Biscayne Beach

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pathologic data. It is generally agreed that involvement of

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technique I use with my patients. It is the best way I have

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The continued fevers gave 75.7 admissions per 1,000 of strength in the

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20 mg., bottles of 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and Unit Dose: Injection. 10 mg per

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for agriculture, and also that the plan entails evils of its own, arising from

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able singly and in trays of 10. Oral suspension, containing in

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Theophyllines should not be administered concurrently with other xanthine medi-

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some seasons, the invalid may enjoy a brilliant sunshine, and a crisp, dry,

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a shelter tent, which may at once serve him for a cloak on the march, and

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sible, in nursing, and not in other duties. Every contrivance to save

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tions is more subtle and often more difficult to diagnose

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tained at once by dividing the weight of vapor actually existing by the

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Intramuscular: 5 to 10 mg.U or 2 ml.) two or three times daily Intramuscular

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during the action of the muscle, 4 must be left undecided for the present.

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- There is, of course, no doubt that the common autumnal cholera, however much

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2 ounces avoir. Some useful information on prison and coolie diets will be found in a

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bath and water-closet above, for periods of from five to eight seconds each.

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method is used, the vessel containing the filtering material should be of

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vated plateau about seven thousand feet above the sea-level, and this