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pond is a considerable distance off, e.g., the " Blue Lakes, San Francisco,

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object of the physician is to remove as rapidly as possible all excreta from

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5. If it consists wholly or in part of a deceased or decomposed, or putrid

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and is fraught with both good and evil. The latter probably predomi-

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Dr Granbery served as captain in the US Medical Corps

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and was attended in many cases with symptoms not common in ordinary

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which is very common in all casemates, so that the moisture often stands

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Adverse Reactions: On rare occasions oral administration of the drug has

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tobacco extract. Bernard M. Zussman, MD. American Col-

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posed. At one time it was the custom to bleed the men on the voyage, so

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ment, and when a sewage farm is properly arranged it is not damp, and

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Sciences-National Research Council and/or other information,

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lancinating pain produced may last as long as five or six

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analysis) of ferric sulphate, 36 per cent. ; ferrous sulphate, 16 ; free sul-

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so to speak, the following is the best course : — Let water run down the

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For information: William Standish Reed, M.D., 4823 Memorial

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The problem of cooling the air of a sick-room in connection with venti-

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roads, another at seaport quarantine, and the third for steamboat and river

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served as a US Air Force flight surgeon. Following the war,

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Dryness of the mouth, unpleasant taste, nausea, vomiting, abdominal

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Medical College certify that this continuing medical education

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artery, stenosis or occlusion usually occurs proximal to

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encourage its member physicians to help moderate increases in

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thoracic surgeons. Controls were not applied at the time

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cyclic antidepressant drugs, in Lipton MA, DeMascio A, Killam KF (eds):

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Essay* on Registration, by Dr. C. F. Folsom, in 8th Report of State Board of Health of

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1. What amount of elevation is the best ? We have seen that to reduce

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