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of Medicine, Gainesville; and Chairman, Department of Family
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theophylline blood level curves. Use theophylline cautiously in patients with history
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invigorating air which invites to plenty of active out-door exercise. The
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Ph.D. 261 Pages. Illustrated. Price $17.95 (cloth). Nelson-Hall
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again the attention of all physicians upon gonorrhea —
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transmission, it is a matter of prudence to act as if the winds did carry the
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days at a time, write a set of instructions for ventilating and cleaning tents,,
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Julius Michaelson, MD, Past President, American Academy of Family Physicians
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lines therapeutic alternatives. Emphasis is on distinguishing
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3. Murphree, A T. and Barrow, M.V., Physician Dependence, Self-Treatment Practices and
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Thus a group of 10 observations is to a group of 100 as V 10 to V100,
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Mix the two solutions slowly, and dilute with distilled water to one litre.
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endurance, and even courage, is remarkable. Some instances have been
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repair of the ascending aorta, aortic valve replacement
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Surviving family members include his wife, Julie Baker
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Obituaries of deceased TMA members are published if adequate
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Usual Daily Dosage: Individualize for maximum beneficial
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treats, or offers to treat any disease or disorder, mental or
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Victor Politano, M.D., 6614 Miami Lakes Dr., East Miami Lakes 33014.
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Other anemometers, Lind's, Whe well's, etc., need not be described.
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