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cultivate the habit of making accurate observations. This cannot be
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that the disease is an obscure one, but probably arises from defec-
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was requested by this gentleman's medical friends to visit him. On
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Chickerings have already given thirty-Jive thousand to the musical world.
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Honorary Members. — George Hadfield, M.D., Cincinnati, Dr.
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current of circulation has many different rates, which depend not on
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will make a crater 2 or 3 meters in diameter and about 2 meters deep.
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Beckwith, D. H., M.D., 49 Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio.
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sleep, during which he perspired profusely, and awoke in about twelve
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so inconsiderable as not to be appreciated by the eye, many physicians
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case the stomach contained matter very similar to, if not absolutely
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War, and interview with Orville Wright; by Fred C. Kelly;" and the "Language of
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extremities y in a very few days after the first introduction of the instru-
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more common manipulations of the laboratory. Anatomy, too, should
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may not unfold new views concerning the arrangement of the consti-
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petrous portion of the temporal bone, necessarily fatal. The following
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appearance healthy, with the exception of a rose-coloured tinge. Now
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be heard in the next room; he is not concious of it unless when
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gence the homoeopathic medicines, to the homoeopathic practitioner,
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Charcow, Kiev, &c. Again, were all the most stringent preventive
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face, caught a projecting point of the cinder and dislodged it.
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palpitations, dyspnoea, rapid, though not irregular pulse, and sudden
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great danger ; the patient was of a nervous weakly habit, and during
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will find that their inquiries consist in searching after the causes of
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protection, the humerus is brought to the surface and the acromion
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ledge which will prepare you for the discharge of its duties, you ought
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an operation j but he could not " see it in that light," and resolved to
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bined with yellowness of the skin. The following cases will convey a
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the cutaneous surface by what are termed flying blisters. One of the
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