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occurred. The bubo plague does not appear to have been seen since 1649,
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reduced to a microscopic amount, if not a negative quantity, by this super-
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muscle groups. No pathologic reflexes could be elicited. In-
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The physicians also ask that hospitals educate their
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but with us never occupy the extent of territory covered by them in certain
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done. The particles which pass into the air are enclosed in small dried
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(David Lehman, M.D., and William G. “Doc” Meyers,
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are so permeable to water that water concentration is the
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during normocapnia but, in certain species, the inhibition of
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Burnett's fluid delays decomposition in sewage for some time ; but a
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(As a service to participants in the TMA Members Retirement Plan and to physicians enrolling in the program, comparative performance for investments are listed.
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suffice for 77,440 gallons. Crops may be grown on the land, and indeed
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Results of Vascular Surgery in the Treatment of Arteriosclerosis, J. Cardiovasc. Surg.
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MEDICINE, 1801 North Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78701.
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the very great authority of Andrew Combe, drawn from experience at
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situated on these soils, and this is probably the most potent cause of
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Marilyn Blaker, 713-789-1550, MEDEX, 5805 Richmond, Houston, Texas
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Call Collect / Person to Person An Equal Opportunity Employer
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air and the greatest light. They should be at considerable distances apart,
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Double-blind evaluation to control gastrointestinal spasms
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obviate these disadvantages, some modifications have been introduced into
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European experience would have led us to expect ; rheumatism does not
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the Board of Governors Ad Hoc Committee regarding the Board of
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and yet there must be no cooking in the wards, or even near them, as the
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tent. Hospital gangrene has been exceedingly rare in all our hospitals, but
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one side, on account of the ease of surveillance. Many officers still prefer
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analysts ; and the State Board of Health shall be authorized to expend, in
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than 150 tons lifted 1 foot. This amount is equivalent to a walk of about
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1,000 ; in the Bombay Presidency, in 1819-20, the deaths were 80 per
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tion has long been a part of the practice of medicine.
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year, perhaps by an equivalent ratio. Moreover, the report of the London official
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United States. In the course of interviews with many of
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and summer, than a tent or a ridge-ventilated hut. The experience gained