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iveness, hallucinations, panic states. Fatigue and depression usually
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It is quite common for cognitive and emotional symp-
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preparations have a soothing, lubricant action on mucous fnembranes,
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mg trimethoprim and 800 mg sulfamethoxazole, bottles of 100;
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Prepared and submitted by John E. Thrasher, J.D., Vice President
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This program is acceptable for 23 prescribed hours by the
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of jealousy as well as of migraine, sick of inadequacy or
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contributors to underrepresentation of minorities in medi-
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Present strength of white garrison, 200 to 300 ; black troops, 500 to
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taining flannel wetted with water and carbolic acid (1 part of acid and 20 of
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convenience of and minimum expense to the physician.
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ation being 100, should be considered the limit for healthy dwellings in
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tematic marches, intended to develop every muscle, to make the artillery
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More labor to keep clean ; 2d, Chance of men being debarred from their barrack room
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vulsions. Ventricular arrhythmias or seizures may be the first signs of toxicity.
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of typhus and other diseases, the place where they are put should be con-
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loading dose to attain a given serum level. As a general
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not admitting rain, must be made ; it should present as little surface as
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of the committee that more could be accomplished in such preliminary
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is that in great exertion the perspiration flowing down from above collects
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develop a sense of mutual trust. Once this is established, in
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The difficulty is, however, with the application of the principle, and at
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They will examine how the soil-pipe is jointed there, and, if the joint be
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Blagden and Fordyce bore a temperature of 260° with a small rise of tem-
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tender nodules extended upward from the distal two lesions.
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more or less perfect condition they are to be found not only in all modern,
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Joint-Stock Agricultural Society, who consider it a success, both hygienically and
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month (February), 64.5° ; amplitude of yearly fluctuation, 19°. Relative
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all generic drugs have identification codes, and be it further