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to the same physician. It is imperative, though, that the

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or 20 cwt. per million gallons. At Leicester 580 tons of quicklime were

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law. Formerly, a most lamentable canteen custom made almost every man

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at sea-level. At Singapore, it is only 3.6° Fahr. (January 78°, July 82.4°),

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better to make the march continuous, and, if necessary, to lengthen the

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gistical move. However, it should be emphasized that once

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Nazareth whose birth has been celebrated by Christian

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of Zyloprim administration and the drug withdrawn if

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Colposcopy Tutorial. Dallas. Contact June Bovill, Division of Con-

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but responds readily to oral iodide preparations. Quite often

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diseases causing mortality. The average of 1859-64 gave 1,015 admissions

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The causes of this development were traced by Dr. Reid, and also by

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glutethimide. Another, who developed a flare of her

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of standing the pressure of five atmospheres ; the lid is fastened by screws,

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(c) The Flood-jilains of Rivers, Terraces, etc. — Rivers carry large

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undesirable. Furnaces built of soapstone are said to be very tight ; they

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Commission to drop a requirement that its members be

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Listerian theory of antisepsis. His younger brother,

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patients with valvular disease had many drawbacks and

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given when patients are maintained on a prolonged infusion.

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vaults through which the infection was communicated, and connection be-

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