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The mean temperature of the three summer months is 69° ; winter
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pital space for emergencies and for war. For the duties of administrative medical
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observing at least ten microscopic fields at scanning
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army to the civil population. The following table shows the exact number
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1981 Sara Elliott, 91 1 1 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda. MD 20014
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of Delegates approved issuance of the charter at the
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the Board appears to have arrived at this conclusion from an error in the mode of cal-
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Hillary, in 1766, described a "slow nervous fever," under which term
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the cavalry of the line was at that time about one-third more than among
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Liaison Committee on Graduate Medical Education, have
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written. It has not been proved that the strong action of the Turkish
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3 Killen, D.A.; Gobbel, W.G.; France, R. and Vix, V A.: Post -Traumatic Aneurysm of the
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moved out of the restricted campus of work and have
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4. Laur WE, Posey RE, Waller JD: A familial epidemic of cutaneous sporo-
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ventricular failure and a four-fold increase in the risk of
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