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using direct and drip infusion intravenous cholangiography. AJR 128:931-

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these reports are now to be made to the Department as

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3. The attrition rate of physicians for the practice of medi-

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for example, what utter confusion prevailed in our opinions as to causes

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glish is an open-ended language, new expressions “will be

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Review of Physiological Chemistry by Harold A. Harper,

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□ Limbitrol 5-12.5 is recommended to minimize drows-

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I intend to pursue this matter and see that it does not

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i.e., rates of successful immunization, are achieved by

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any great difference of results, the numbers of the lesser groups are not

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ployment groups are negotiating for health care benefits

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marked effect is produced, and there seems no doubt that the influence of

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latter as a very little of the oil on his fingers will impregnate the dwell-

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doubtful, to vitiate any conclusions that can be drawn from the mortality

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these water-pipes down to the sewer, ascertain if they wrongly enter the

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and encouraged to fall into debt to her employer. As soon as she is fairly involved

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Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Almost complete caustic

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two figures serve as evidence that family practice residency

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minations (particularly important in patients vomiting

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numbers of E. coli or other urinary pathogens on the

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recognition criteria as medical representation on boards and

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information is received within four months of date of death. When

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1 The following' is the official circular issued by the Army Medical Department : —

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so, and at present the exact physical condition of the contagia of the other

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(/) On the Digestive System. — The appetite largely increases with exer-

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from their diseases and fates. As outsiders looking in,

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Service Medal and three battle stars for combat service

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"It seems clear that the effect of the salt was directly felt in the well,

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