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American Orthopedic Association, being its first president, and after

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of anxiety and dread the day before the flow commences, so

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part of the velum palati, for epithelioma. In the operation, which

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cially along the line of current history. For this last he has made

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quick to repel a wrong, he is lenient as a critic and faith-

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His appetite and digestion continued excellent; and he seemed

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' numbers two Cesarean secticuis among his achievements.

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the most minute directions as to diet, dress, bathing, exercise,

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perspiration, and is seldom changed for fear of the dreaded

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Sepia was given for the pelvic congestion, and gelsemium z on

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In tying the sutures thus introduced, the mucous membrane

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be almost continuous ; and the result is ruin to both mother and

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or ulcerative stomatitis. Eecovery takes place in a few months. How far

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This admirable work, public appreciation of which is convin-

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coming retracted and rigid. The eyes were suffused, and the facial expression

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quivering and herniated muscles. Very frequently the

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case without causing the slightest suffering to the patient.

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proved. The patient took koumiss freely, and kept it down ;

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The prognosis of thvough-and-thwitgh cranio-cerebral per-

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Treatment. — After an application of iodine, a simple

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men enable us in everyday practice to foresee the extreme

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diseases of the eye and ear, is in New York taking a special post-graduate course at

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thronged with interested and admiring guests. So many physi-

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Mann, was born. Charles Addison Mann married Emma Bagg, of

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"The Conservative Treatment of Tubercular Joints," (Jour, of Amer. Med.

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Hamilton, only daughter of the late Dr, Robert L Ham-

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ker, was aide-de-camp to General George Washington.


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he never knows tnnui and never lacks for occupations of

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ceased to act. Here I would close the list of ordinary remedies.

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explained upon the following theory : first, that the stomach and

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ing medical societies: The American Medical Association, the New

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tion, or even by the injection, of germicides. And so, also, in the

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to clear the journalistic air from certain sulphuric fumes raised

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lime she applied herselfstudiously, and received a thorough

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with Lawson Tait as a pupil assistant, also spent some

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directed to try it for a share of the profits, and found it far more beneficial. — Farm

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ical scholars to be the first clear, logical, and convincing