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coals, and candles, uniurnished apartments. Applications to iir.
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gave something like seven millions sterling to primary
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cluded 40(5 which were referred to the principal zymotic diseases, against
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of its being the subject of letters patent until quite recently,
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far the result has been again negative. The so-called pure
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by photographs, was read by Dr. Mackenzie Booth. A note
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Englishman by birth ; Dr. Alplionse Davaine, son of the cele-
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castle-upon-Tyne. (P> Mr. H. Pullen, London ; Mr. W. J. Prim, Lon-
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Univebsity of Dobpat.— The total number of students in
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and as to the manner in which they should be used, the ad-
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or blotched rashes often seen in scarlet fever and the subse-
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The following were elected ofJicers for the ensuing year : Pre-
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derably below the average ; in London the " fever " death-rate was only
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Thoth was usually represented as ibis-headed; the ;his was sacred to
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urine was similarly collected for two periods of three aud four
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to stand, some passes into a condition of semi-solution in the
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promontory of Alaska, and, flowing down the American coast,
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Papers. — The following pacers were read and discussed :
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and especially the temperature of the subsoil. Dr. Ballard
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Surgeon-Captain J. Macfie, M.D., 4th Volunteer Battalion Scottish
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coli, the bacillus of typhoid, and the bacillus prodigiosus,
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type may be persistent for long jDeriods at either the maxi-
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time than most of the others, and I should try it again. " '
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that it is possible for the Celtic Highlander to acquire
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"vaccine" for these maladies, or if not that then then at
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been paid by the Union in respect to Mr. Tait's action for an
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cal Council was held on Monday. The business was mainly
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this French revolutionist. Allow me, therefore, to send you the
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" Boatran," wlio appears to be one of the ornaments of the
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Deaths in the Profession Abroad. — Among the members
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desert. The nocturnal radiation is slight. The relative
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Hopetoun, has received from the Secretary of State for the Colonies
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The ca=es which appear to do best on the Riviera are : (1)
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the Medical Battery Company received a heavy blow in the Bloomsbury
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mentioned on the certificate the death would be credited to
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