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some of the foreign bodies that are extracted. Otis speaks

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female teachers. Attending regularly the Teachers' Insti-

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Dr. Lines was regularly graduated from the College of

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should be kept in mind, and the diagnosis settled by careful examination of

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geon to the Roosevelt Hospital, and since 1914 he has been surgeon

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ering ; they appeared suddenly in the evening; the cheeks are

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general practice of his profession in New York, in which he has since

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versity of Buffalo, Chief of Clinic for Sick Babies and Children for

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wholesome and delightful reading as could be chosen for the in-

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of science and reason that it shall command respect, and silence

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separated into several bleeding fragments. The post-renal

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the Rochester City Medical Society; of the Monroe County Medical

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Conservatism is the rule, even in the most serious traumatisms

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ceed likewise at a corresponding point at the lower edge of

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use of the yolks of eggs, provided eggs are well borne by the patient, and are

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improvement? Is it nature, or my treatment, or both acting in

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that of immediate importance, as long as we have gained our

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micrococcus is found in cells, as well as on pus corpuscles and

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only one side of the hone, and complete perforations, when both

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disregard of Divine law as of small moment, compared to disre-

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readiness with which their cranio-cerebral traumatisms

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tions with Labarraque's Solution, diluted with twenty parts of water, will

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over the merits of the new " Cyclopaedia," is abundantly evi-

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ical Exploration and Diagnosis of Diseases Affecting the Respiratory

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he enjoyed the rare privilege of personal acquaintance with

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are rare, and are only seen in the shoulder and knee-joints.

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in Brooklyn. He is attending surgeon at the St. Giles House for

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scious of all the surroundings, yet, after a night's sleep, had no

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serial, and we take our leave of Col. Lapharn in circumstances

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dorsal route one may, perhaps, after removal of the splinters