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common allergies are also clinically sensitive to tobacco.
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These “protective” restraints can be divided into
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a better job at writing, just as he can do a better job at doctor-
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3, Erythromycin prescribing information (in Physicians' Desk
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in all probability, by general improvement of the health. The action has
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Only in an indirect sense are the media’s criticisms of the
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The 1979 Annual Report of the Judicial Council will summarize the
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investigation could jeopardize the quality of medical
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however, that London is not a fair test ; but as a place of residence for sol-
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muscles, it is certain that regular exercise produces in them an addition of
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under all circumstances, as indicated in the law, we should still object to
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the brachial plexus, bony exostosis, coronary artery
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ning-rod. When proj)erly arranged a rod generally secures persons or
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hazy, colorless, except when artificially dyed. The fibre is made up of a
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been described as " mere receptacles of foul air, damp, dark, and unwhole-
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which can be chosen — sea-side places and highlands.
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Ninth Annual Postgraduate Seminar in Dermatology, Feb. 29-
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Each year, the department of community medicine selects
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ogy, M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Texas Medical
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edition of this work ; and Naval Hygiene, by Professor Macdonald, R.N., M.D., F.R.S.
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programs while on the faculty of another medical school.
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begins to absorb this new language and soon has slid with
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16. Templeman, C.: Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight Cases of Suffocation of Infants, Edinburgh
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a better job at writing, just as he can do a better job at doctor-
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This subject has attracted much attention of late, and deserves careful
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by the fact that the rate of deaths from com- *t$Sj^J^S$Z&
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with live further attenuated measles vaccine, and those