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5. The removal of patients suffering from scarlet fever by rail and cab ;
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W. G. Armstrong, as names well known to the whole English-speaking
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Candidate, Anatomy, one course of six months, and Practical Anatomy,
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to mention surgeons, dressers, and other hospital attendants. The
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shape or other ; and tliis first-formed idea is almost invariably a false
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and other characters tending to interfere with the full sweep of the sea-
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Museum of the Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Shrewsbury-,
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price — twopence — places it within the reach of all classes.
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bably had some communication with the pulmonary artery. The open-
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Guaranteed PURE SOLUBLE COCOA of the finest quality, without Sugar or any admixture.
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the operation. If he had only heard the paper two years ago, when
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tions, 31st ; election, Ht^c. 6th ; duties, Jan. 3rd.
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the abdominal wall, with puckering up and diminution of its calibre,
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secretion of muco-pus in the uterine cavity. The womb may then en-
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tarians have mastered the principles of sanitary science from medical
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Berlin and Paris have been discontinued in consequence of the war.
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She was continuously delirious, purging incessantly, so that the whole
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" To the .Secretaries of the Branches your Council desire to offer their
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Brodie Henderson, Scotland; William Balme Hepworth, England; Henry
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sities were smoothed down. He had never known the meetings to pro-
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others who had taken an active part in the reception of the visitors ; and
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— Consulting Physician : Sir D. J. Corrigan, Bart., M.D. Physicians:
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Registrar-General of Ireland ; Mr. T. M. Stone, London; The Registrar of the
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these works are to be transmitted by the commune to the provincial
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upon the motor centres of the brain and motor columns of the spinal
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there was just a vague chance of it — he could say that the same thing
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ancesthetic remedies — ether, chloroform, chloral, bichloride of me-
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number of zealous young physicians and surgeons adding themselves to
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In the interior mountain-land, even at an elevation of 1,500 or 2,oOO
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I have said nothing of the vast collateral range of inquiry opened out
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On Wednesday the Prince and Princess of Wales visited the Sick
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which one, primarily seated in the retina — glioma — is restricted to
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of the muscular part of the accommndalive apparatus in batrachia. The
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that such mistalies as the above are owing to slightly imperfect co-ordi-
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blood-poison excites the choleraic discharges from the alimentary canal,
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mark from nurses and students that this and,that was not in the books.
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show that typhoid fever spread from cattle to man, although it was
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