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9 Mehlman, D.G. and Resnekov, L: A Guide to the Radiologic Identification of Prosthetic
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integration. Calcareous soils are distinguished from otheYs by carrying
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(extreme right), accepts a check for $8,032,50. A check for the University of Miami School of Medicine in the amount of $10,127.80
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as it is more under control, and the heat can be carried everywhere. Steam is
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countrymen are exposed to summer heats which have a range of 20° only,
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Telephone Directories (White and Yellow Pages) adopted by the
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(Tyndall, "On Haze and Dust"); yet many of these particles are the germs
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The effects of heat cannot be dissociated from the other conditions ; it
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was performed without complications. The removed lobe
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seems not to be the case when all the muscles of the body are exercised,
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In arranging lines of huts, as much external ventilation and sunlight
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the authors, and utilized over the last three years in four
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happened years ago. The dignity of a few wrinkles does
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The increased heat, the great amount of carbon dioxide, and the dis-
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Addison's disease, adynamia episodica hereditaria, acute dehy-
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quire about previous hypersensitivity reactions to penicillins,
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somewhat choked at that point. — Chemical News, xliii., 183.
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of typhoid fever, but this was manifestly owing to imperfection in the
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This table brings out very forcibly the great mortality of the first year
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those tempted to proceed with surgery prematurely that the
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5,000, and never exceeds 1 in 3,000. In such a case the drain would have to be cleaned
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the whole, however, the influence of the severe climate and the exposure
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one saturated current being at 40°, and the other at 60°, the resultant
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Prevention in Mental Health and Mental Retardation. El Mercado in
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off was seen infrequently. Surgical intervention in
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emergencies, eg, for patients with acute myocardial infarc-
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therapy in this series (6% mortality) are mainly due to
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ficiency of the men ; sometimes a reduction is made in the army, and the
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never been known to be imported into Egypt or Syria across the desert by
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life-saving drug considered to be relatively safe, though both
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Hydergine therapy has proved most effective. Patients
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Dr Jondahl was born in Stroud, Okla, and received a bach-
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Victor Albert Hinterlang, MD, a longtime Houston family phy-
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Dr. R. Carl Garby established his practice of thoracic
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Humphreys’ manual filled with testimonials of patients
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able to see how far the patient can walk before becoming
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in. For internal use. attach the plastic applicator and insert into the anus
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the earth as rain, finds its way into the streams.' 2