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opinion with respect to these matters as will set these matters
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chard Bishop District of the Crediton Union, vice W. F. Tronson,
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The above advertisement is hereby given in order to warn the public. —
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with pisciculture : Dr. AV. T. Gairdner, the este«^med and
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bounded on tliree sides by streets. It is lighted by electricity,
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Group IV consisted of 74 persons convalescent from scarlet fever in a
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Mr. C. J. B. Johnson showed a case Of myxoedema treated by
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which had suddenly increased in size. The cervix uteri was
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Seven of these unqualified men have since become duly
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the public from falsification of certificates, from multiplica-
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have been gentlemen) uninterruptedly, since 18G9, and have
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(C) C. J.; Dr. M. Charteris, Glasgow ; Dr. A. Coles, Wellington ; Dr. W.
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Tlie patients complain of an acute smarting pain, which
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closely resemble innocuous and very wholesome cultivated
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substantiate my priority iu this particular line of treatment.
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I am pleased here to be able to express my gratitude to Dr.
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the organs by which the parasite pierces the tissues of the
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demand tliat some forward movement should be taken ; and,
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H. G. Jones. St. Mary's Hospital ; F. G. Keats, Middlesex Hospital ;.
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He discusses the causes of the enormous sickness and mor-
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2 Of llie various means we have made use of to obtain a
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tagious disease breaks out. Strangers in Paris, under these
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lumps of small-pox, which can be felt even before they are
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man, aged 48. On January 3rd, at 11 p.m., he passed urine
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labours. The fourth and last volume includes all the compo-
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"Heaven;" that she was the " Queen of Glory," " Christ,"
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Britain and Ireland, corrected for age distribution ; and we
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collected from many sources all available information on a
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ber allowed to each room being fixed, no overcrowding occurs.
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afterwards Sergeant-Surgeon to Queen Elizabeth. He served in the army,
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