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|ilasiiia in this disease makes siii:ar a nonthreshold siihstain'c. so to sjieak,

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Alexander Marcet, M.D. F.R.S. Physician to Guy's Hospital ;

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treated. Some patients in whom there is no definite intestinal disturbance

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of hsematuria), and ureter catheterization may be advisable in order to deter-

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affecting both upper and lower extremities and confining the patient to a

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Navigators, merchant marine — Firemen, passenger, freight, or

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Sweden, England, and in the United States. It appears to be more common

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liiiiilcr iiia.v here move towanls the iiiidliiie. while the lower Imrders

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Hid sdft pnlatp, the cpi^ildttis ami tlio laryn.x ilnrinrt tlic soioml

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''^ "' *"•>'■ "I <" : I. l-..r ,|.. ,,|.t,..„. -., ,>M. .l-r.„„ ll,„„.a.,-,„, II.,,,..

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this letter, which I fear has been already protract-

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signs of disease. Senator's caution is wise when he advises one to view

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tliiit ils until. .vv i^ |.i .i|iiii limial In tin' si/c nl' tin- arti'iy, ami tliat it im'

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is secreted as such into the follicles, or formed partly by secretion, partly

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cians, in cases of polyuria with no apparent cause. Red blood cells are

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variations in lilond pressure iiiii;ht lie due either to ehainres in Ilea'

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diarrhcea make their appearance. Pain in the epigastrium or hypochoncirium,

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dribbling after urination, 1. In 34 cases definite obstruction to urination

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something that patients usually like to cling to, and, as a rule, there is no

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" '■ same as those descrilied ahove, One of them may lie called the direct,

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'•''•''••'^ •' iH'iiiiiu 1.1' 111.' spliinrt..|-. I'loiriii, on the oih.r Iwind, n- i-

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their extremities to the brain was nearly in its na-

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the portal spaces and pursue much the same course as the growths in the

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Etiology. — Ag». — Calculi are found in the kidney throughout life, but are

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various drugs, poisons, and toxins produced in the course of various dis-

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thyroid, by relative excess due to a diminished amount of metabolic poisons to

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secured by throwing less work upon it, and by calling upon other organs,

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stomael, tlM.y do not wait for the i.'astrie eontents to l.eeomo neid in

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ffiken. Ft then appeare,! In.t at lirst only in traees, A.n.tl.er imi.ortaiil

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made constant additions to this list, Gerber found 19 cases in 1875, Pinter

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retinal alterations present m the eyes of those who make no complaint of