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Florida Regional Association of Blood Service Units —

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M.D., 5149 North 9th Ave., Suite 307, Pensacola 32504.

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preventable causes of disease in their communities and to destroy these

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impurities which would only gain access to the lungs in about eight days

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The Chemistry of Human Behavior by Herbert L. Meltzer,

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the melting of winter snows, is as foul as the flow in the house drains, and

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cephalosporin derivatives also occurs frequently). Resistance to

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21. McLaughlin, M. M.: Survivors and Surrogates: Children and Parents From the Ninth to the

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editorial in the Polk County Medical Association Bulletin

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effective dosage when satisfactory response is obtained Larger portion of daily dose may be

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tifically and treated with modifications of psychotherapeutic

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Sciences-National Research Council and/or other information, the FDA has

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Pediatricians • Update on Care of Neonate • Child Abuse

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itself. The cardiopulmonary bypass time in these 100

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perhaps because the men are, as a rule, shorter. The Prussian and the

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injury. He recommended a cardioplegic solution contain-

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Fig. 108. — City Hospital, Boston. Floor of Ward, 20 feet across.

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$2.50 plus tax) Address; The Journal of the Florida Medical

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hibitors and other antidepressants may potentiate its action.

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cardiology at UT Medical Branch in Galveston. Dr Sapire has

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integrity, an outbreak still occurs, this cannot throw doubt on the correct-

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2. Kirschner M: Ein durch die Trendelenburgsche Operation Geheilter Fall

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probable that there is at present at least as much phthisis in the French as