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Dosage: Individualize for maximum beneficial effects. Increase d<
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found which contains a little carbonate of soda, added to counteract some
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clearance rate (ml/min/1.73M 2 )) is 500 mg. at the time intervals listed below.
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This gross mortality must now be compared with that of the civil popu-
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of the experience of the writer : 1. Common brick sewers with flat bot-
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more adequate FMA and county medical society staff to ensure
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But this is surely an exaggeration ; the development of this passion can
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after adulterations harmful to health." If this be true, the commercial
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than the saloon table flourishes of a deft master surgeon.
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“In my world of psychiatry, you are best as a listener," he
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University of Miami School of Medicine (1957) and at the
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higher than normal (John Davy). Is there, then, a difference in the amount of ex-
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Thirteenth Annual FMA Auxiliary Benefit Art Show . . 796-7
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more emphasis on health and health issues. We cover medi-
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diarrhoea was certainly, in many stations, unwholesome drinking-water ;
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so-called antozone is now believed to be peroxide of hydrogen diffused in
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control groups performed, significantly better than the
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Symptoms of potassium intoxication include paresthesias of the
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sive disorders, possibility of increase in frequency and/or severity of grand
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adulterated. This same conclusion had been already reached by many
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of its antiinflammatory, antipruritic and vasoconstrictive actions.
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Rocks generally. — These are either stiff or loose clays, or loams, a true
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healthier than grocers (8.4), farmers (8,56), weavers and cotton-spinners
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tents ; they give much more ground area, cubic space, and standing room,
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successful in a claim for medical treatment against the in-
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proved a great advantage for the soldier. The State also furnishes bread
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specify whether the gallon used is the imperial or the U. S. gallon, it is a
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educational renaissance. Thus in our time the student,
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indicate an increase in the prevalence of persons allergic
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sulphide is seldom detected, at any rate by the common plan of suspend-
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and Dean of the College of Medicine, University of Florida; and Charles
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time seemed to mean death and I was no longer of use to
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the contents were sucked away by the apparatus. In Leyden the material is sold in bar-
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about one inch per annum. An analysis of the air-dried mud from one of