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ticulars of a case of myxcedema which he had treated by trans-
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3 P.M.— Hugh Woods, M.D., Honorary Secretary, 11, Archway itoad,
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lor some hours at a time, and several times during one or
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influenza. Confluent small-pox has broken out at fresnes,
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satisfied with the speech of the Secretary of the Local Govern-
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On September 30th, 1892, I was aroused early in the morniri!;
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These two volumes are recent additions to a series of small
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tried to make my remarks as short as the importance of the
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open to women. There has existed for some years in Glasgow
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Eesident Medical Oflacer o£ the Kent County Ophthalmic Hospital.
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order that the god of fever and of every kind of death may be driven
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to go free without loss when the Imperial Government with-
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Surgeon-Major C. M. Thompson, M.B., Madras Establishment, is ap-
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known. He says ; " I have during the past five or six years visited the
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ignorant and unwary helps to create a sense of security for
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The term typhlitis has the merits of brevity and ancient
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the local board. Despite the attempted restriction of the movements of
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iris. Were I adopting it as my regular method of operation,
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admission into the infirmary. It was an easy labour, and she
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could scarcely be as represented by Dr. Duncan at the "end
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grave charge against the dispensaries of London. He declared that all
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That whereas there are a number of members of the medical profession
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of operation the iris was returned well into the anterior
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of the contained solution is indelibly inscribed upon the face
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For three months before admission the patient said he had
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stead of sending 1,200 children away from the Mile End dis-
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loss of time. In Scotland, in the superior courts, the scale
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row limits. Though not likely to prove of service to students
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few ascertained facts on which to base the theory of the dis-
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in the blood. This paper might direct attention to the real
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Aberdeen; S. Macaulay, L.R.C.P., 49, Jesmond Road, New-
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diagnostic significance of haemoptysis in aortic aneurysm.
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through an oil or water immersion lens and in a good il-
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calculus (specimen shown). There was no trace of a right
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examination of the feet, and unwisely require from the medical officer
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the manometer m, and having turned to the end the closing
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than by signs. If a patient had had a chill, pain in the side,
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the coldness of the weather in the early months of the year caused a
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not so moist. With this the patient became so violently delirious that he
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spread of the disease and allied general questions.
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and not only will liability to attack be very considerably re-
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cases noiitied in the four weeks ending March 2iiih, in London, was ii-'iB, of
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both rooms, as also in the "supers'" room, were lavatory
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recently carried out at the School of Musketry at Hythehave
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