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8. Flensinger RN, Lang JE, MacEwen GD: Klippel-Feil syndrome: a con-
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If the decision stands, TMA and its county medical so-
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made available a second alternative called rapid neuroleptization which, when properly administered, can
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though, as it restrains decomposition in solid matters, its vapor may have
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in 28 days. He also says that the 1st Bengal Fusiliers (European) marched 68 miles
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than where the stream flows quietly along. By arranging the experiment
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tinued at this time, and the patient was continued on SSKI.
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medicines” can be found in the health food stores today.
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school was repeatedly closed for periods of time. 1 was
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Surgery of the American Association of Neurological
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Tables should be typed on separate sheets. Column headings
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forcement of the law, most people would soon decide to do the "adulter-
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Update on Infectious Diseases Marriott Hotel, San Antonio Fee
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as heroin and marijuana for the reduction of pain and discomfort
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manifestations; some degree of mental confusion and/or excite-
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really are. In New York State the sale of coffee mixtures is permitted,
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But, without waiting for the solution of the cause of these localizations
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Board of Medical Examiners. In summary, it is not felt that either
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prove a focus of disease for others. The drinking water should be con-
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separately? This point is illustrated in Gram’s results shown
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20 societies having been visited over the last three years. During these
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ary complaints, would be incomplete without a few suggestions in regard
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just doing nothing, watching the world go by, then you
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lucinations, tinnitus, vertigo, insomnia, apathy, fatigue, muscle
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mented toddy mixed with peppers and narcotics, or drugged beer, are common drinks.
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ties of a good pulmonary function laboratory and the
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flush is often obtained by pulling a wire like a bell-pull, as mentioned
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feet) of urine. Letheby gives the mean amount per head as 2.784 ounces
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the Gulf. The largest are the Dismal Swamp of Virginia, and the Ever-
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WANTED: ANESTHESIOLOGIST to join growing multispecialty clin'c
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surgeon as being a false aneurysm which was extensively
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support rendered by the Editorial Staff of the JFMA
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pulmonary embolic episode causing shock, may significantly
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The Florida Medical Association Auxiliary has created
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measures of medical and surgical management, a middle