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for field cooking, which were found to be very useful. A number of these receipts

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academic preparedness of potential applicants to compete

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are thus kept dry. This separation of the urine and solids certainly appears

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recruiting sergeant to the medical officer, varies somewhat from year to

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means of its oxygen, which process is moi'e important and more efficient

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a wall constructed of stones, or even earth, if this can be plastered over.

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ischemia, the presence of a distal thigh pressure of 50 mm

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members at $21.00 per column inch per month and list-

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Of course the latter method is far more satisfactory, if made reliable,

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them. It is at any rate encouraging to learn that the effect of the Act has

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times, and showed that the carbolic acid air had withered without actu-

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W. Sanderson Grizzard, M.D., Mr. Stephen Gordon, and Elise Torczynski, M.D., Department of

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that the more a drug’s action matched the disease

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pulmonary vasodilator and smooth muscle relaxant since the drug directly relaxes

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authorized (required, obligated) and a certain amount of

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work while taking this drug. There are rare reports of infants, 6

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Director of Residency Training in newly developed satellite program

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MANAGEMENT OF OVERDOSE: The signs and symptoms of over-

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precise. At present they are very far from being so. In many cases they

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Dr. Papper is Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean,

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labor of trained scientists. It must be admitted that the horizon is still

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rates compare favorably with the ones observed with

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Gary L Patzkowsky, DO, Clinical Consultant, Amarillo Veterans Administration

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At the very least, if the Circuit Court had doubts about the

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all tetracyclines are ineffective as single dose therapy. It

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these, over one-third are attributed to ischemic heart

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l St. Vincent's Medical Center. There will be certification for 12 hours, category 1, C.M.E.

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aneurysm formation. Closure of the ventricular chamber

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nation. Last year 60,382 cases were reported to the

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1800 mg/ml), IgA 54 mg/ml .(normal 90-450 mg/ml), IgM

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