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tuberculous infection and most have been incarcerated in county jails
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based on mutual understanding and trust. In a world that
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by Indians for various problems including: dyspepsia,
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Vascular Disease for Primary Care Physicians. UT Medical Branch,
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Serum K + and BUN should be checked periodically (see Warnings).
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They befriend each other when problems arise and help
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in other cases, bad gradients or curves or workmanship may require more.
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Proto-sulphate of iron (green vitriol, copperas) 22.80
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Stenosis by Commissurotomy: Report of Fifty Cases, Am. Surg. 19:165, 1953.
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further subdivided according to possible etiology such as
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how uniformly the best trainers prohibit its use, and men of the highest
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uses 160 watts to operate. When this is run day and night
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ical theory and also opened up other avenues of treatment of
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These observations associating arrhythmias with mortality
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have a very great effect in preventing bad consequences.
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3 See Mr. William Eassie's Healthy Houses (2d edition) for much information on this
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medical officer should, accordingly, visit barrack rooms between midnight
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impurities, it is still a mooted question at just what distance below the
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diploid cell rabies vaccine. JAMA 244:781 -784, 1980.
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their services to the Association and to Florida’s citizens
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troops, and a light summer suit ordered. Flannel next the skin has been
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Based on a dosage ol 500 mg q i d the following adjustment in dosai
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$118,000 grant from the National Library of Medicine.
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be enters the army, be is almost sure to find bis moral tone higher than
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In 1868 the maximum for the line was reduced to l m .55 (61 inches),
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Artillery encamp with the guns in front, the wagons in two lines behind,
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reported for the year as of December 31, 1978, in contrast to 308 for all
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lated. For example, if an 80 kg man has a dysrhythmia which
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is, on the total number of healthy and sick, and also on the sick alone, so
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ter and amount of those constituents in the springs which supply them,
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taught to use water-closets like other people, and not to damage them. If
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aspects of society. We must study, to understand, to
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able, the process may be much simplified by allotting more sewage to the
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compounds, but not with perphenazine, include grand mal convulsions, cerebr I
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appetite.' 2 Proper and slow mastication of the food is necessary ; and it is
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In our experience, four patients fell into the first category and
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Raymond Wallace Burford, MD, a retired Dallas radiologist,