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Intravenous administration should not be given because of increased likelihood

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information: Jeanette T. Abich, R.N., Morton F. Plant Hospital, Box

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Recognition Award, 1 hour. Contact Sue Moreno, Office of Con-

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factors leading to aneurysm formation include congeni-

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during the action of the muscle, 4 must be left undecided for the present.

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ment, especially in elderly persons, and decreased sweating With

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Sponsors of Colorado's hospital rate setting law have had second thoughts,

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Accurate Method of Studying the Separate Functions of the Lungs, Chest 59:276-279,

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1 comb (£ oz.), hold-all (3 oz.), socks (5 oz.), shoes (16 oz.) . 3 1

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recommended that the FMA urge all county medical societies to

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be given to the sick, save many lives. They should always be organized at

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related drugs. Should not be given to patients with

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Far East Orient Seminar in Anesthesiology, Jan. 26-Feb. 10,

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Clinical Correlation of Endocrine. Therapy and Estrogen Receptor, Ibid pp. 131-156.

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amount of storage has been increased of late years.

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conclude that chronic administration of antipsychotic drugs which increase

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Pediatric Dermatology Seminar, Feb. 28-Mar. 2, Eden Roc Hotel,