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spontaneous cases had probably, occurred after a solution of continuity
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consequences. This is a kind of uncontrolled or exaggerated mental
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strange and tragic career is set forth in "A Narrative of
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10. Eichhorst. Centralbl. fur innere Medicine, May 8, 1897. — 11. Hutchinson.
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up ; when after a few exfoliations the skin becomes sound. The possi-
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care must be given to the state of the nervous system by ordering rest
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If he " takes the case " by means of the systematic scheme of examination
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if the clothes are allowed to become saturated with it ; under certain
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migraine is but one of the symptoms of these conditions. But, con-
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isecondly, the balance, postures, and other movements which indicate the
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(b) The size of the silk must be proportionate to the bulk of tissue
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In such cases the affection is easily cured, or disappears spontaneously.
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is uncertain. Schulz tried to explain it by supposing that it increased the
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or in small groups, on the palms and interdigital spaces, or along the sides of
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if the patient do not become exhausted, or die, he lives on a senile dotard,
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12.4357 gm as the weight of the crucible (without cor-
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Or in delicate and sensitive patients the douche may be begun with
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nucleus, or the emergent fibres of the nerve, to cause paralysis ; the other
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out its exceptional properties in anything like so marked a degree as an
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2. Electrical treatment may often be employed with advantage, both
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indeed having in it from the beginning some of the elements of dementia :
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subject to co-ordination, tend to separate and spontaneous action, a condi-
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the bint suit. Lassar's paste is also a suitable application. The subse-
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of mingled sympathy and humor — played over his face,
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to married women. In its milder form it declares itself by inarticulate
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money loss, I allow to go on teaching ; but I absolutely forbid any public
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with condiments or tobacco smoke, is painful. No internal symptoms are
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or distress, may be got rid of in convalescence, or possibly sooner. Much,
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Colonel Dalmahoy can scarcely have been more elegantly
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the cells of the ventral horns in three cases of tetany following removal
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long-continued anxiety. One of the most striking instances of this effect
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cases. The possibility of relapse and recurrence must be borne in mind,
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relaxed fulness or bagginess appears under the eyes. This will disappear
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properly be included under the term insanity to diathetic and toxic causes
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no doubt of the value and influence of domestic environment^ education
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the Royal Commission on the Blind, Dumb, etc., and special provision is
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occasionally are of a gliomatous nature. Sometimes tuberculous masses
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to be attached to rudimentary hair structures. In parts of the surface
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sclerosis, as seen in practice, often varies widely from the abstract type of
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numerals. Place the plate so prepared in a suitable
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Lest she should provoke a charge of morbid appetite the
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cipals exchanged shots for the fourth time, and in doing so