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References: 1. Citations available on request -Medical Research

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current political contests and thus suffer for appropriations.

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1 At Carlsruhe, Mannheim, Rastadt, and Bruchsal the excreta are removed in boxes

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is well below the 6% figure of family practice residents who

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total daily dose can be defined, but must be governed by close

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ist. Debakey 1 found the incidence of significant coronary

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cautioned accordingly Drug Dependence Tenuate has some chemi-

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Dr Granbery, 81 , a lifelong resident of Marshall, attended

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eruption. Scabies organisms flourish in epidemic-producing

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retrograde conduction or even reciprocating tachycardi-

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When they had finished, 1 was given the floor for a

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scanty over the hips and across the abdomen. A good tunic should have a

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none, Texas Society of Cytology members; $75, nonmember physi-

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ways, in columns, pyramids, etc. In the same way circles cutting radii

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11. Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children and Adults of

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regarding the sanitary condition of some of the principal cities and towns

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Fbtients with paranoid symptomatology may have an exaggeration of such

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sites selected for the temporary camps and the turning up of soil infil-

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perature required as 15° C, or 59° F. ; and the memorandum issued by

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not so certain ; but there is some evidence. 4 It is clear this last point is a

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cross-sensitivity with these agents may exist. In rats, long-term

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agents. Among these are patients who have undergone re-

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gone a thorough filtration. The well then partakes of the character of an

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The Truth About Senility — And How To Avoid It by

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when applying for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

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finding out whether esophagitis is present, and, if

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The amount of drunkenness and delirium tremens in Canada used to

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degeneration occurs which is as complete as that which follows the disuse

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1 Mr. Eassie's work, Healthy Houses, gives a good account of the various kinds of

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athletic policies, and the development of a public relations film on

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With respect to soldiers, in time of peace, the statistical evidence is re-