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exercise are usually associated with postoperative death

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The spread of certain diseases is supposed to be intimately related to

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American Society of Abdominal Surgeons, Tampa. Fla, March

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tients become infected. This high incidence of infection

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Medical Parkway, Austin, Texas 78756; 512 459-3133.

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Florida encourage our patients and friends to read this

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sons at their seats of origin, as far as these are accessible to us. It was the

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dows communicating with other parts of the house should be hermetically

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into the corridor when the men could not walk. In the winter greatcoats were pro-

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with a wider segment of the world by first crawling, then walk-

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formation in this respect ; some persons are normally fatter or thinner

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and Parent-Duchatelet has recorded two cases of outbreaks of a fatal fever

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isoniazid, most lung resection has been directed toward

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The hospital tent is made of two of these tents connected by a por-

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3. Supplies were obtained by requisition when the troops entered

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the applications received, a proposed composite application and Data

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be carefully examined : the dairy from which it comes, the cows, the

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19 ounces. Under the microscope, Dr. Parkes counted from 45 to 47 per

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• Vasoconstrictor, antihistaminic, expectorant actions with

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Northern American Tents. — At the commencement of the civil war the

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cross sectional diameter of the sewer. Sometimes there is an arrangement

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ampicillin capsule. Data on file, Wyeth Laboratories.

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principle of this plan. Its advantages are that the sewers can be smaller ;

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is removed to some extent, but less by sand than by other materials of this

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tent weighs 100 lb ; the hospital tent, 395 lb. Both these seem excellent

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All physicians should become aware of the differences in

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California a number of advertising clinics of self-

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ratio of less than 0.97 could be considered as abnormal.

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patients with impaired junctional condition. In addition, a

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whenever the streets are not too narrow. But in narrow streets the sewer

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Committee commended the FMA for its efforts in improving liaison and

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cians’ offices, clinics, and family practice centers.

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Additionally, this law requires hospitals and nursing