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nodules of the large and small intestines, Peyer's patches, and the

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3. Dblorb et Alamabtinb: La thyroidite ligneuse. Eev. de

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the lacings ply) allows the support to be drawn evenly and firmly 'about the pelvis;

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jectives: 4mm, 16mm, and 1.8mm (oil), triple nosepiece,

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valve and chordae tendineae are delicate. The left ventricle is not

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Missouri School of Medicine. Interpretation of these

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al'terwaril that the urii t' ten out .T seventeen healthy individuals eoii-

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" 0. 8. Inspected and Passed " and admitted into establishments where inspection is

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Buildings, dairy, designs for, article by Ed. II. Webster 2S7-308

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excess of earliohydrates is led. Al'ter the ulycoo;,.!, luis disappeared,

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always .lilli.'ult. sin.',, two fai't.ips tha', ar.' <|uito ii„I..i.,.n.l..nt nf .arii

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The growth of cells is seen only about fragments of tissues. When

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over the surface of the serum, with no tendency toward grouping or

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between pens used for feeding and watering horses must have a minimum width of 3

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In another recent publication," the prevention of the toxemias

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movement be present, its direction is noted. By slight modification of the

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City Hospital, St. Louis) . — This 60 year old woman was

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human food, under, the authority conferred upon the Secretary of Agriculture by the

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MEAD'S Oleum Percomorphum With Other Fish-Liver Oils and Viosterol is a

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The respiration chamber of the Pennsylvania apparatus is con-

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premises they will remain free from' ticks. By these and similar

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by observinjr whether nerve ili'Sienerat ion 'Urs as a result of iiittins:

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occlusion of the femoral vein resulting in the clinical

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an idea of the cni-rently accepted xiews concernini: the distriliution of

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fonetis. C. J. D., and Elcke, R. S.: The Therapeutic Effect of

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The Official Organ of the State Association and Affiliated County Societies

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municable diseases, the Council recommended that no

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rest either by the owner or person having the custody thereof, or in case of his default

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The Relationship Between the Sugar Concentration of the Blood and

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small amounts, it has Keen found, fur example, that, aithoiiudi stiniula-

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tics of the New York epidemic, which has just concluded, show that

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chew, and swallow the food and to move it through the alimentary

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nancy is entertained in patients with signs of acute

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The Association established a program of taking the

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That no person, firm, or corporation engaged in the interstate commerce of meat or meat

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erroneously stated by certain writers. The Federal inspector takes his position beside

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tachycardia on cardura

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measured by the increase in the live or dressed weight of the animal

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staffs of St. Louis City and St. Louis County Hospitals for

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