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that each room should accommodate twelve men, or one squad, as this is
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common opinion that some wonderful morbid power, returning in cycles
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gradual and results may not be observed for 3-4 weeks.
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Jerome H Greenberg, MD. Deputy Commissioner for Preventable Diseases,
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to those given in the body of this work, but the following suggestions are
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Formerly there was an enormous mortality among the troops from
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vided for in the hospital’s rules), the on-call physician again
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Troy H. Hutchinson II, M.D., of Lakeland, served as
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law. Formerly, a most lamentable canteen custom made almost every man
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Europe and Southeast Asia and there are still a few
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He was a harbinger of spinal anesthesia. He dissolved co-
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administration of some phenothiazines. Although it has not been reported in
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tracheobronchial reconstruction. Grillo 4 and Pearson, 5
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6. Respiratoi'y diseases (not including Phthisis) give a mean of 85 per
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Weight of clothes on person, including helmet, winter trousers,
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Category 1 , AMA Physician's Recognition Award. Contact Rita
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problems in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries required the FMA to become an active participant in
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health care facilities. Inmates were treating inmates and
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St. Lucie-Okeechobee County Medical Society that they should
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Pulmonary Artery, J. Thorac. Surg. 22:527-536, 1951.
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There is, however, one cause which is continually acting in the case of
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the North Broward Hospital District and for organizing
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frequency in almost every community hospital. Although
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or burnt sugar to disguise the bluish color consequent upon excessive
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his black tie and tuxedo. He enjoyed small dinner parties
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period of rest ; the work was done only during the working hours, and
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better way is to scrape off the outside portion of the slab, to expose a fresh
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Peninsular war the men carried bags, weighing about 2 ft, and not framed packs, and
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Hygromebry. — Mean dew-pom t, 75°. 1 ; mean relative humidity = 81 per
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26 ; 3 in Belgium, 16.6 ; and in Hanover, 23.68 per cent, of all deaths were
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whom negative pressure ventilators are used. Although
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occurred between October and March, the cold months
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The Medical Message columns took top honors in the regional
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his high school years at the Vidal Drug Store. He helped
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