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Papers. — Dr. Pibtersen read a paper on the Etiology of

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ment was, I find, referred to at some length in the Bhitish

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ment, but the Latinity is more than doubtful unless we are

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establishment of infectious hospitals and isolation houses,

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walk more than a hundred yards without becoinlrg exhausted. The

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From inquiries we have made on the spot it would appear

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Dr. J. S. Cameron, Leeds; Dr. W. Calwcll. Belfast; Dr. A. H. W. Cle-

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The Circdlation of Books from the Libeaey of the British

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Easton, George Frederick, M.D., L.R C.S.Edin., appointed Medical Officer

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whether or not the junior officer is a candidate for the senior

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sniares, no drainage tube being used. Cyanide dressings

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left of his accusation against Dr. Priestley, flimsy, as it was,

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namely, round, oval, long shape with two holes for double

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substratum of mind. "It is very common," writes Gowers,-!

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child's faculties. Teachers should be warned against the

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portion of the public. It is very desirable that a refuta-

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charges something into the general blood stream — an internal

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lime of its death. An inquest was ordered and tlie body was exhumed

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January, ISSl) acute cases of small-pox were aggregated at

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itself," and of its privilege as witnessed in " works of mercy

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surface of the agar agar on which ^they were growing. He

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shall meanwhile be glad to receive communications fi'om

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irritated. He joined to this the idea that, through the con-

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some with tropical heat, and some of intense cold, that it is

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rapidity of death ; in Hafl'kine's experiments the effusion

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remove persons to hospital is avowedly based upon the danger

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Mr. Justice .\lathews summed up. He said that it was not necessary to

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under the doctors, and were of immense use to them. That

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Mr. J. W, Burdwood, Bourne; Dr. J. M. Booth, Aberdeen; Mr. A. H.

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to an annual rate of 2.1 per l,ooo). of whicli 7 resulted from enteric fever,

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*,* It is difficult to believe that such a reason would determine the

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