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of the Florida Medical Association. This issue devoted to

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Written permission should be obtained from the publishers and the

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o improve recruitment and retention of physicians in the military services . It would

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later, the patient continued to exhibit an excellent result

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tonio, 7703 Floyd Curl Dr, San Antonio, TX 78284 512/691 -7291

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Additional information available to the profession on request.

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PLAN II — Provides benefits after 30 days of disability

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terated drugs than there was from adulterated food, and that any legislation

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As it is of no use, and indeed injurious, by bringing men under the thral-

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for it? It would be duly credited to your Journal, of

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Radioactive Tests In: Hematology, Thyroidology, Endocrinology,

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originates in the ascending aorta somewhere from the

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2. Genman, John P. et. al.: Content of Family Practice, J. Fam. Prac. 3: (Feb.) 1976

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The adoption of one or other system will probably depend on local

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Humanhood: Essays in Biomedical Ethics by Joseph Fletcher

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It should be understood, also, that the action of syphilis is long con-

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that he chaired the FMA’s Committee on Continuing

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monitor the legislative proposal closely when it is intro-

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not presented in our patients. Of the 2 deaths in 16

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and Dr. Walter Reed were included. Subsequently, Drs.

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attendants, accompanied by bearers, with stretchers when required, as in